Visual to spark entrepreneurs’ imagination in Nieuw Zuid

How can we attract entrepreneurs to initiate future-oriented ventures in a new sustainable neighbourhood? Nieuw Zuid (New South) is a new sustainable neighbourhood arising on the south end of the city of Antwerp. Marked off by the city’s vibrant South neighbourhood, the Scheldt river and plenty of open, green parkland, […]

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‘Salonklets’ nominated for Henry van de Velde Awards 2016: vote for us to win the HVDV16 Public Award!

We are pleased to announce Salonklets’s official nomination for the Henry van de Velde Awards 2016. In June we submitted this offline social network platform, designed for residential care centre Immaculata in Edegem, to compete for the contest’s ‘Life Quality’ Award. Salonklets seeks to support community building among residents, visitors and care workers […]

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