It’s official!

We are proud to announce that Nicole, one of Pantopicon’s co-founders, obtained her doctoral degree yesterday. After a powerful defense the dissertation committee especially praised Nicole’s work for studying the application of foresight for local policy development, a niche in foresight research. Nicole was further complimented for acting as a […]

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Soon we’ll have a PhD amongst our ranks

Nicole, one of Pantopicon’s cofounders has recently submitted her doctoral thesis for review. The focus of her research? The application of foresight for local policy development. The defence will take place on December 22nd at the University of Maastricht in a small, semi-private setting. Meanwhile we’re planning a public Pantopicon […]

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Visual to spark entrepreneurs’ imagination in Nieuw Zuid

How can we attract entrepreneurs to initiate future-oriented ventures in a new sustainable neighbourhood? Nieuw Zuid (New South) is a new sustainable neighbourhood arising on the south end of the city of Antwerp. Marked off by the city’s vibrant South neighbourhood, the Scheldt river and plenty of open, green parkland, […]

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‘Salonklets’ nominated for Henry van de Velde Awards 2016: vote for us to win the HVDV16 Public Award!

We are pleased to announce Salonklets’s official nomination for the Henry van de Velde Awards 2016. In June we submitted this offline social network platform, designed for residential care centre Immaculata in Edegem, to compete for the contest’s ‘Life Quality’ Award. Salonklets seeks to support community building among residents, visitors and care workers […]

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Board game lets youngsters explore their future

Pantopicon is teaming up with Wandering the Future to develop a crisp board game that empowers youngsters to explore their own future. In collaboration with the municipality of Maastricht (Gemeente Maastricht) and a school for preperatory middle-level vocational education (VMBO Maastricht) the design team will explore how a board game […]

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Henry van de Velde “Quality of Life”

Pantopicon just submitted Salonklets for the second jury round to compete for the Henry van de Velde Quality of Life Award 2016. Salonklets was developed for residential care centre Immaculata in Edegem and was recently implemented after a 5 month pilot in one of the centre’s residence wings. The project’s result […]

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Pop-up Lecture on Urban Labs

On Wednesday Nicole gave a lecture about Pantopicon’s work on Urban Labs, to a group of students looking to generate new ideas on the future of what the municipality in Gellerup, Århus (Denmark) could provide and offer to the local community. This Pop-up Class was organised within the context of the Sprout Talent Week, which is […]

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