art academy of the future

About 100 teachers and staff of the Genk Art Academy (Genkse Academie) gathered at the local soccer stadium to reflect on their future. On 31/08 they explored the dynamics that shaped their academy in the past; they discussed future trends and developments that might rock their organisation in the coming years. Together with the project team, Pantopicon crafted three distinct views of a future academy. What if … the academy would be all over town, distributed across neighbourhoods, perhaps even mobile? What if … students would teach alongside teachers? Or what if … you could not just pick drama or piano lessons, but also bio-art, Armenian duduk and Japanese calligraphy? What if … the academy would be part of a larger EU network and exchange students and teachers?

Throughout the day participants were challenged to let go of the present and broaden their scope of what could be. Their reflections will serve as building blocks for a visioning process to take place in the coming months.

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