Board game lets youngsters explore their future

Pantopicon is teaming up with Wandering the Future to develop a crisp board game that empowers youngsters to explore their own future. In collaboration with the municipality of Maastricht (Gemeente Maastricht) and a school for preperatory middle-level vocational education (VMBO Maastricht) the design team will explore how a board game can contribute to youngsters’ self-direction and self-reliance by bridging the gap between possible futures and their own talents and skills today.

The project is entitled “Futur-U” and is one of the bottom-up initiatives that resulted from the municipalities of Maastricht and Eijsden-Margraten’s innovation track led by Pantopicon in 2015-2016. The goal of this track was to learn to see youth care from a fresh perspective by taking on a positive, preventive attitude: how can we boost youngsters’ talent awareness and development in order to prevent mental health issues later on in their lives?

The project will materialise as a physical board game, fine-tuned to the school’s educational programme and launched for the 2017-2018 academic year.

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