book publication: the pearl diver – the designer as storyteller

The DESIS Philosophy Talks are feedback loop encounters in which design practice and philosophical reflection cross-fertilise. Over the years, Pantopicon co-founder Nik Baerten contributed to various of its inspiring thematic meetings across the globe. Most recently, he also contributed to their latest book “The Pearl Diver – the designer as storyteller” looking into the role of storytelling in design (specifically in design for social innovation). In “Agents évocateurs”, Nik touches upon ways in which storytelling in foresight and design can trigger and guide change. Stories are positioned as stagesetters for the mind, as tools for sense-making and catalysts for the imagination.

A big thank you to editors Elisa Bertolotti, Francesca Piredda, Heather Daam & Virginia Tassinari for their efforts in bringing this work to fruition! The book is available as a free download here.

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