archaeological findings from futures beyond packaging

Once again we had the pleasure to introduce a group of students from the Design Academy Eindhoven (NL) to (some of) our ways of working with future scenarios. During a short workshop on February 14th 2017, Nik introduced them to Pantopicon’s blend of foresight and design, immersing students of the Man & Mobility programme in three different future worlds. The worlds had one characteristic in common, i.e. packaging had been rendered a relic of the past. Their assignment: fast-forward and imagine which artefacts future archaeologists might dig up that are emblematic for life in those future worlds. Students developed concepts ranging from objects to contain knowledge and other immaterial goods, values and emotions; they designed monuments to a highly material past, wearables to mediate people’s attention and presence in mixed reality, perception-altering devices to live in highly densified physical environments etc.

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