Henry van de Velde “Quality of Life”

Pantopicon just submitted Salonklets for the second jury round to compete for the Henry van de Velde Quality of Life Award 2016. Salonklets was developed for residential care centre Immaculata in Edegem and was recently implemented after a 5 month pilot in one of the centre’s residence wings.
The project’s result is a dynamic system that enables residents, family, visitors and care workers of a residential care centre to co-create their surroundings in order to build new social networks together. The project explores a future of care for the elderly, in which the organisation’s role extends beyond caring for its residents and reaches out towards residents’ family and visitors: the organisation supports community building in order to facilitate family and visitors in taking care for their relative at their end-of-life.

More news on the Award’s nominees in November 2016. Fingers crossed!

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