Reburg featured as ‘JFS digital design exhibit’

Over the past 12 months, the Journal of Future Studies has experimented with a digital exhibition format for a number of innovative projects. These digital exhibits are meant to provoke, disrupt and inspire. We are happy to announce this month’s exhibit features Pantopicon’s Reburg project for Plan C (now aka Circular Flanders)

Reburg is a fictional city in which living & working in a circular economy based future are brought to life. Both concept and content have been designed by Pantopicon and further developed in collaboration with Plan C, Belgium’s circular economy hub. The project aims to render tangible a vision of the future of sustainable materials management. As such, this vision becomes a means to provide a framework for (entrepreneurial) innovators and society, to provoke and extend their thinking on what a circular economy is and could be. What would life look like in a circular economy? What would businesses do? What kind of spaces would we use to live, work and play? To explore these questions we have designed the city of Reburg, where the circular economy comes to life.

This exhibit introduces the project and its platforms. It illustrates the impact of exploring future scenarios through immersive and interactive design & storytelling experiences.

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