toolkit to inspire urban labs launched

The final conference of the URB@Exp project (JPI-Urban Europe) took place in Graz, Austria. Together with its partners, Pantopicon launched a toolkit for civil servants or other stakeholders exploring to set up their urban lab. The LAB kit – as it is called – contains a booklet of guidelines and working materials (graphic design by Geoffrey Brusatto). Both serve to inspire and structure discussions around key strategic, organisational and practical questions around setting up an urban lab.

Interested in using the LAB kit in your own context? You can now order the kit online at urbanexp.eu/labkit.

Note: The City of Antwerp’s Citylab2050 initiative (see also Stadslab2050) – in which Pantopicon is a key partner – was one of five case studies central to the URB@Exp project.


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