Visual to spark entrepreneurs’ imagination in Nieuw Zuid

How can we attract entrepreneurs to initiate future-oriented ventures in a new sustainable neighbourhood?

Nieuw Zuid (New South) is a new sustainable neighbourhood arising on the south end of the city of Antwerp. Marked off by the city’s vibrant South neighbourhood, the Scheldt river and plenty of open, green parkland, the City of Antwerp is developing the area with a vision on renewable energy usage, sustainable mobility, a human-scale urban design and flexible use of space, to name but a few of the project’s sustainability cornerstones.

In order to attract innovative entrepreneurs to launch new sustainable businesses and experiments in this neighbourhood, the City of Antwerp and Stadslab2050 commissioned Pantopicon to design a future-oriented visual. The purpose of this image was to trigger viewers’ imagination and to elicit bold ideas that forge the sustainable neighbourhood into a dynamic place to be.

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