Fintech Bootcamp Vlerick 2017

For the second year, the Vlerick business school invited Pantopicon to immerse their students in a series of fintech futures. During their 2017 Fintech Bootcamp, Nik welcomed them in four future worlds. Each world outlined the basic concept of a cross-industry fintech service in response to different societal needs and challenges. Through various foresight and design methods, students were challenged to design these services in further detail. Students looked into their potential business model and prototyped key parts of the service experience. Hence, they gave shape to Altruflows, an alternative-currency based impact investment tool to connect with and support skillful refugees. Also, they further detailed global utility services management tool for expats Nhomad (inspired by our “Man & Interior” fictional company). Finally, students discovered how Skillhammer, a tool to monetise skills in basic-income times, could prove valuable to tomorrow’s globe-roaming free agents.

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