the neological institute

Language is a powerful tool, not only to express but also to inspire new meanings, future dynamics and alternate realities. Hence, on June 30th a first edition of our workshop/performance “The Neological Institute” was organised during DRS2016 (Design Research Society Conference) in Brighton (UK). The performance was inspired by a “napkin future” by Nik, which describes an institute with as its only goal to invent and create new words as to create new worlds. In other words, the institute sets out to craft neologisms to inspire new meanings and possible futures. During the performance, participants are immersed in a fictional onboarding day for new employees of the Institute. They participate in a so-called semiocycle, a series of activities to generate new words and worlds: such as logogenesis, praxis, semiosis and constellography. As the institute’s president, Nik – together with vice-president Virginia Tassinari – immersed about 20 people in a world-inspiring experience. Already now, we look forward to our next performance! Keep an eye out on our projects page for more information soon. Photo credit: Elisa Bertolotti.

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